You’re worth more than they tell you

I was at youth a few weeks ago and I was SO encouraged by the message. We were talking about the roles of women and why we were created; in the middle of it all our youth pastor stopped and told the girls something like this:
If you are looking for your worth in some boy who doesn’t know what it means to be a man then stop. Stop settling. You are worth more that some boy who doesn’t know what it means to lead, love, protect and provide for a woman. You are worth more than a boy who cares more about what you look like on the outside than what your heart is like. You’re worth more than the boy who will dump you when things get tough. You’re worth more because you were created by the Almighty God. You’re worth more because he loves you and any man that says he wants to love you for the rest of his life should love you like Christ loved us. So stop settling. Find your worth in Jesus, run to him and when the man you’re going to spend you’re life with comes along , it will be better than you imagined. God will bring the perfect man to you when you need it the most. So stop and focus on God.
~ Tat xo

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