For the kids going back to school tomorrow or even those who are not

And so it begins.
The season of homework.
(or for some, procrastination..)
Early mornings.
Late nights.
Dreaded bus rides.
Yup, sorry to burst your bubble.. but it’s happening.
School is starting.
Though its hard to admit, school is extremely important. In this day and age you need at least some form of schooling if you want to get a job someday so we do need to go & give 100% but I’m not writing this to talk about school.
No I’m writing this to talk about something 100 times more important than school.
More important than passing classes or graduating high-school or going to university.
Something that is completely life changing.
Something that people absolutely n e e d.
whether they go to school or not.
this thing is:
J E S U S.
I worked at a summer camp this summer  & the entire time I just got to tell kids about Jesus.
It was awesome.
The way kids change completely when they find Jesus is something I can’t even begin to explain.
Or the feeling I get when a kid gets their first Bible & won’t let it go is so overwhelmingly awesome I don’t have words.
As the summer was coming to the end, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was gonna do when I got home & had to go back to school.
It wasn’t until our guest speaker that week started talking about being a “difference maker” when we got home that I realized thats exactly what I need to do.
I need to be a difference maker.
God commanded us to make disciples of a l l nations.
That means the kids at camp.
our families.
our friends.
the kids we sit next to.
the kids we pass in the halls.
all nations.
(Matthew 28:19 – look it up!)
The people at our schools need Jesus just as much as we do & just as much as a starving kid in a third world country does so why don’t we do anything about it?
Right now, our schools are our missions fields & there is nothing holding us back from sharing the incredible news of Jesus Christ’s salvation with every person we encounter. It won’t be easy, we’ll need to rely on God every step of the way, but through His strength we can do anything.
So this year at school, don’t sit idly, be a difference maker.

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