Final Farewells (part one)

We leave tomorrow..
Even saying that is weird cause it hasn’t hit me yet that six months ago Peru was just some crazy idea my dad had and now its becoming reality.
Tomorrow at 5:40pm to be exact.
Its craziness, insanity, but thats what I signed up for when I started following Christ. I didn’t sign up for a comfortable life where I sit around and do nothing, I signed up for a life of radical devotion to my Saviour, a life that reflects Him in every circumstance and that follows Him to the very ends of the earth.
So this post will be my final farewells to people I love in Canada.
It doesn’t mean that these relationships are terminated, but that they’ll be experienced in different ways, it will be harder but ultimately it will make it stronger.
To my camp friends;
I am so blessed by you.
God knew what He was doing when He brought me to Circle Square Ranch in Branford 2 years ago for LIT. It was probably one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I made so many incredible friends that I know consider my brothers & sisters in Christ. Thank you LIT family for loving me and accepting me the way Christ does.
One of the toughest years I’ve had in my 17 years of life and my first time as staff. I came that summer broken and needed healing and I found it. I’m so grateful for the Christ loving atmosphere at camp, for the godly women there who set an example for me on how I should love Christ and others and for the godly men who show me what a real man of God looks like. I am eternally grateful because its here where I started following Christ with my whole being.
My final year working there for a while. This was probably a harder summer, I worked a lot more, I was a counsellor for 5 out of my six weeks and there was a lot more going on. But it was still such an incredible summer. I grew in my relationship with Christ and I got to grow in my relationships with people before I left. I am so thankful for my time at CSR and I know I will be back one day.
I’ll post part two later tonight !

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