First Days

I can’t believe that we’re actually here, well we’ve been here for four days so I should probably believe it by now.. but its hard for it to not feel like a vacation.
We live in a super nice town. There is thousands of restaurants within walking distance but we don’t even need the restaurants cause we have our own housekeeper who cleans and cooks for us. There is also a huge mall a few kilometers down the road where we just take one bus to get to.
We are definitely not living a hard life for the next six weeks.
So what have we been up to?
A lot actually, mostly just chilling and hanging out. We went to a feeding program in the mountains a couple of days ago and that was actually pretty cool. Theres always something about seeing people who have next to nothing but who are so content with what they do have. Its always so humbling.
Here are some pictures of our first few days in Lima.
at the airport ! thank you Brianna, Alycya, Sherry, Brian and Shandi for seeing us off at the airport !!
[even if y’all did make me cry.. losers 😉 <3]
last moments in Canada.
very first moments in Peru.
lunch on friday with our friends Alex & Juana
the street we live on
[Jr. Tupac Amaru]
the feeding programs in the mountains that we attended on Saturday. so many kids !
they would all come up & speak really fast spanish to us! after we got them to slow down we were able to understand most of what they were saying.
walking some kids home.
[most of the kids that attend the feeding program either have parents that are in jail or who work too much & are never home. even though they have rough circumstances, they still have so much joy.]
the blackburn kids helping the little ones out with their colouring. talking is not the only way to communicate & show love.
this dog followed us all the way home on saturday night!
I have decided that love knows no language, race or nationality. it is a completely different connection. greater than everything we have ever experienced. praise be to God for showing us this kind of love.
[i’d recommend reading ‘Kisses from Katie.’ Its a good one. Thanks Sharon for showing it to me.]
the dog ‘red’ who stares at us all. the. time.
on sunday I had my first green tea since thursday afternoon !
first spanish lesson this morning! our teacher speaks no english so I acted as a translator for most of the day.
[apparently I know more spanish than I thought I did]
starbucks actually spells my name correctly here & that makes me extremely happy.
[see? look how happy? just kidding it was also a good day.]
bus ride home today. probably one of the more riskier things i’ve ever done.
a little taste of home.
[can you tell I love pictures?]
well thats all for now !!
also!! ways of comminication;
we don’t have international text / calling SO you may iMessage me if you please, Skype is also a viable option, Facebook as well or go really old-fashioned & snail mail me / e-mail me.
If you need any of these addresses / usernames e-mail me on my blog e-mail;
muchas gracias!
Te amo!!

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