A little brag about my Mama


This is my mom, or as I like to call her, mama. There are a lot of things I could say about my mom but to sum it up she is my best friend.

It never used to be like this, there was a time when I thought I knew better than her, when I thought I could do it on my own & that she should just mind her business. There was a time where we weren’t that close and I regret the time I didn’t spend with her, I wish I had known better. Praise God who changed me & saved me & showed me how valuable my parents are. Praise God for this amazing mother-daughter relationship He’s blessed me with.

I realize now how lucky I really am to have my mom around, I have so many friends whose mom is gone or sick but I am one of the lucky people who have a healthy, loving, always available mom.

For those of you who have never met my mom, I want to tell you a little bit about her. For those of you who have met my mom, I’m sure you can vouch for Mama B when I say all these things.


She is hilarious.
She never ceases to make me laugh – even if I’m in the worst mood, she cheers me up. She gets my sense of humor and because of that we have endless inside jokes that are tear-jerking funny. Well… to us anyway…

She is wise.

She knows so much. Whether it’s schoolwork, boy problems, friend problems, life problems or God questions, she just knows and she helps me through every issue I face.


She is beautiful.

The best part about her beauty is that her outside is beautiful because her inside is beautiful. She shows me that to be truly beautiful on the outside, you need to be beautiful on the inside.

My mom has taught me so many things. Growing up she taught me how to do math cause she’s a genius with that & I’m useless with it. In junior high she taught me that friendship is important and true friends will treat you right. In junior high she taught me patience and perseverance by persevering and being patient with me. In high school she taught me that being popular isn’t important but staying true to yourself is. In high school she taught me that grades are just a number and that I should find my worth in the one who made me. In high school she taught me that I don’t need a boy to complete me. Now she is teaching me that weight is also just a number, that worrying about my weight and how I look isn’t really that important. She is teaching m how to be a woman of God, how to pray without ceasing, how to love unconditionally and how to show unending grace and mercy. She is teaching me how to be an incredible wife, a wife who provides for her family and who loves, respects and submits to her husband. She is teaching me that I’ll never be a perfect parent but I can be a really good one by using God as the foundation of my family.


My mom is amazing. She is everything I want to be when I grow up. I pray that God will make me into a woman of God like he has made her.

Feliz dia de las madres, mama. Te amo para siempre. xo


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