can you tell I’m excited?
in honor of camp starting in like a week and a half, I am inclined to show you some of the most glorious memories of my CSR experience thus far.
(maybe it’ll convince you to apply as well, ya?)
 throwback all the way to LIT in our awkward days.
honestly one of the best pictures from camp.
us LIT2012 girls trying out our modelling skills.
the great paint war.
better known as the “why won’t this paint come out of my hair?” incident.
the Wall of Wow.
to encourage us.
also to take nice pictures in front of.
typical smuck picture.
it isn’t fake, we are actually genuinely happy that we have oil-based dairy product all over our faces.
human couch.
by the end of the summer, you just get to that “over-tired” stage where social boundaries have no meaning.
and then there’s rodeo night.
a good place for taking nice pictures with friends.
the main bonding time staff experience as we prepare for our doom.
one of the many skills of staff.
what is camp without dance parties in the middle of a horse arena?
dinner time at the ranch.
(yes we are eating worms. no we didn’t actually eat them.)
throwback to LIT with these hotties.
they’re gonna hate me for this picture but I believe this to be the defining moment of our friendship.
LIT2012 fam.
first day of staff training 2013.
we were just all SO excited to see each other we had to document it.
we work out at camp.
LOL jk.
we danced in the rain for about 45 minutes & were soaked from head to toe.
we’re so blue – ou – ou
we actually loved that we got turned into smurfs this night. even if it was only for an hour.
always twinning.
you never know what activities weekends will hold.
we just love junk food products on our faces !
always so beautiful.
God’s masterpiece.
est. 2012
she used me as a mop but we’re still friends don’t worry.
est. 1999
est. 2012
hopefully this made you hunger for the camp experience!
please consider applying – even if you just come for one week!
we’d love to have you.
 apply here.

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