A leak in the tank

There’s a song we sing at camp. One line in it has stuck with me through every situation since I first heard the song. It’s a simple line, most people I’m sure don’t even notice it and forget about it because it’s not even the main part of the song but I have found it to be so important in my life.

It’s the overflow of a forgiven soul and now we see you God and our hearts cannot stay silent. 
I’ve always wanted to be that type of person.
The type of person that just overflows with Jesus.
The type of person who just can’t stay quiet with her words but also can’t stay quiet with her actions because of what Jesus did.
The type of person that shows people who Jesus is solely based upon the way they act.
The type of person who can’t help but show joy and love to everyone around them because of Jesus.
This line reminds me of all these things and helps me strive to be this person.
A few months ago I read a book called Love Does by Bob Goff. It was an incredible book that taught me so much going about missions and ministry and just simply loving others like Jesus loves us. One thing that stuck out to me in particular was the one story about the authors Jeep. Weird, I know but just listen okay? His Jeep was pretty much on death row from an accident it had been in. It was barely running but was still apprently good enough for Bob. One of the many problems it had was that it leaked oil everywhere it went. When it left places there was a puddle of oil left behind with it, everyone knew it was there because of what it left behind.
Bob Goff said he wants to be the type of person who leaks Jesus and I agree with him.
I want there to be a leak in my tank and I want people to see Jesus everywhere I go.
I’m awful at talking to people. I’m awkward and just not very good with words. It’s so much easier to use my actions rather than speaking and so that’s what I intend to do.
Letting God consume all of me and completely take over everything I am, I want Him to shine through me in every situation. When people see me, I want them to see Him. I’m done living for myself, He is everything, He is greater & it’s time for Him to shine through me in all His glory. Your will be done, Jesus.

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