A Song and a Lesson

I’ve found that the way Jesus speaks to me most is through music.

Most of the time it’s through one specific line that just repeats over and over again in my head. A line I can’t forget no matter how hard I may try. A line that comes back to me in the saddest, scariest, most doubtful times of my life.

Jesus has been teaching me a lot about grace and love this year. I used to be a little bit afraid of Jesus. I loved him, I really did. And I wanted to do whatever he asked of me. But I was also a little afraid. I was afraid that maybe I wasn’t good enough for him, that he probably saw me for what I truly was, a messed up sinner. Deep down, I had a hard time believing that he actually loved me.

And it’s true that Jesus does see our sin and how desperately we need him but he showed me something this year that completely changed how I picture him in my head.

I began to realize that the line, “Oh how he loves us,” kept playing over and over again like a skipping CD in my head.

“oh how he loves us”

I started to believe that this year, that my Jesus really does love me. He loves me so fiercely and so wildly that nothing, nothing, could ever get in the way of that.

It’s the kind of love that is so overwhelming all the words just fall out of your head and all you can do is sit there completely and utterly in awe. In awe of this man who loved you enough to give his own life for you. Who loves you enough that he would do it all over again if he had to.

I hope you know that today.

I hope you know that it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve felt like you’re unwanted or how many times you’ve been rejected, or told your not good enough, or anything else in between. Whether you’re at the top of the world or if you’ve hit rock bottom.

you are loved.

you are loved.

oh how he loves us all.



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