A Different Standard

“Look!” He said to me, “Look! Look how beautiful it is.”My brother said this to me as he was looking at a picture of a really expensive car on the computer screen beside me. 

I just laughed and rolled my eyes, not understanding  how he found the beautiful. cool? Maybe. But beautiful? I didn’t think so. 

I’ve been on this journey of “finding beauty” for quite some time now, maybe about two years. 
It is a journey, it’s not easy. 

Everyday I wake up and I have to remind myself of all the truths the Jesus has taught me so far and also learn new ones. 

I have to remind myself that everybody has a different idea of what beautiful looks like, even Jesus. 

For my brother, his beautiful is a shiny new car. 

For most people, beauty is accompanied by a nice, slim body, even skin tone, perfectly coiffed hair, make up professionally done and eye brows that are “on point.”

But Jesus takes a completely contrary stance to this view of beauty. 

I think it’s pretty clear what Jesus thinks beauty is. Yes, he thinks that what’s on the outside is beautiful as well but he doesn’t care about that nearly as much as he cares about the what’s on the inside, and neither should we. 

He wants us to have a gentle and quiet spirit; a spirit that shows compassion, that shows love where love isn’t deserved, that is slow to anger, that is humble. This is what beautiful is in God’s sight and as he showed me this, I began to notice it more. I noticed where I was lacking in this area but I also noticed certain people in my life that have this beautiful spirit and I decided that a spirit like this is what I should strive to have if I’m looking to be beautiful. 

Jesus for sure has his own standard of beauty and I think that if we’re going to try and figure out how to be beautiful on this journey, then we should have that same standard. 

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One thought on “A Different Standard

  1. Hey Tat, I have enjoyed your writing.
    Good thoughts…
    “A heart of meekness grows sweeter and more beautiful with age” Nancy Leigh Demoss

    Therefore…”be today what you want to become tomorrow”

    Love you and am thankful for you

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