A Gift 

I firmly believe that the most beautiful thing that Jesus has ever given us is his grace.
It’s taken me a very long time to believe in grace, for so long I saw it as something I had to work for. I could never really understand haw Jesus would give us something as amazing as that for free, it doesn’t make sense.
But I think that’s the point.
Jesus doesn’t want to make sense because if he did, he would be exactly like the world, logical and predictable. Jesus came to go against the grain; he didn’t want to look the same as everyone else. Grace was apart of that.
Just think about it for a minute, try to imagine that people are trying to kill you, that they’re deliberately trying to hurt you. They attack you all day with their words and their actions and they don’t ever stop doing bad things towards you.
In our human brain, this is unacceptable. We have rights! We should be treated accordingly!
But Jesus saw this, he felt the pain we were causing him and instead of fighting for his rights, he let it go, he wiped the slate clean so it was like it never happened and the he gave his kid for ours. That’s crazy.
It doesn’t make sense whatsoever but it is so beautiful.
It is so beautiful that Jesus loves me enough to forget all the hurt I’ve caused him and to bring me in as his daughter despite what I’ve done.
I’m finally starting to vaguely understand grace and it keeps getting more beautiful.

This post is part of a 31 days series! If you’d like to see the rest of the series, click here.


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