A Beautiful Plan

There was a really beautiful girl that came to camp two years ago. She was in the third cabin that I had ever counseled, I remember that cabin so clearly because it was one of those cabins that was a little more challenging but was also so much fun. There were nine beautiful girls in this cabin but this one particular girl stuck out.

She loved being at camp and even though she was older, she participated in all the activities, always danced at dance parties and just had so much fun laughing, singing and just being a kid. I really loved this girl from the beginning.

Thursday nights at Circle Square Ranch are kind of a big deal. Thursday night means salvation night, the time where we clearly present the gospel to all the kids that are there that week and when God works in mighty ways. I always talk to Jesus on these nights while the gospel is being presented, I plead with him to work in the hearts of all the children there but also specifically in the hearts of the nine girls that I had come to love that week.

I’m over at my friend Danielle’s blog today, join me?


This is part of a 31 day series. If you’d like to see the rest of it, click the photo above.


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