Be Yourself

I think one of the many beautiful things about Jesus that I love is that he doesn’t ask me to be anyone other than who I am.

While the entire world is telling me I need to be prettier, skinnier, more in shape, etc., Jesus is telling me that he loves me the way I am and that he just wants to be with me.

He doesn’t care if the world tells me I’m beautiful, he just wants me, as I am, his creation, his daughter.

He just wants to hang out with me and talk to me; he doesn’t ask me to change my clothes or my style or put make up on or anything! He simply wants to be with me.

I think that is so amazing.

That the maker of the entire universe, the one who placed each star in the sky, the one who breathed the sun, simply accepts me as I am because he wants to be with me.

There’s a song that I think really speaks to this concept, it doesn’t mention it until the bridge (which is the absolute best part of the song) but it’s still good up until then. Listen to the words and just imagine Jesus whispering them to you, it’s the most incredible thing.

Listen to the words and let Jesus tell you his truth; that you are his daughter and that you are beautiful.

“You don’t have to do a thing, simply be with me and let those things go. They can wait another minute. Wait, this moment is too sweet, please stay here with me and love on me a little longer.”


This post is part of a 31 day series. If you’d like to see the rest of the series, click the photo above.


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