When You’re Called, “Princess”

When I was younger, I loved Disney Princesses. I talked about this briefly on the very first day of this series.

To me, Disney Princesses were the epitome of beauty. I was enthralled by their perfectly coiffed hair, their blemishless faces, their perfect figure and I wanted to be as beautiful as them. I fell in love with their stories as well, how the beautiful prince fell for the beautiful girl and they lived happily ever after. I thought they were perfect.

At seventeen years of age, I still love Disney Princesses. I love watching the movies and singing along with Anna and Elsa as they move through their beautiful, musical lives. I still love their stories and I still believe they are beautiful. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that Disney Princesses are a lot more than just beautiful on the outside, they go deeper than that.

They are also beautiful on the inside.

They are kind. They are kind to everyone no matter who they are; they show kindness every moment.

They are brave. They have the courage to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means getting themselves into dangerous situations.

They are humble. Even though they are stunning, none of them actually realize it because they’re too busy serving other people.

They are dreamers. They have the courage to dream big, seemingly impossible dreams.

They are joyful. They are happy no matter what, even if they’re stuck scrubbing the floor (Cinderella), trudging through waist deep snow (Anna), or cleaning a dingy apartment in New York (Giselle).

I believe Jesus calls us to be like these princesses. This is a cheesy thing to say; but we are princesses. We are daughters of the King and Jesus wants us to act like it. He wants us to be kind to everyone, to have the courage to stand up for what we believe in, to be humble, to dream and to be joyful but most importantly, he wants us to love him.

That’s the one thing that Disney Princesses miss, loving Jesus.

I believe we have to work on our beauty. It’s a choice to be kind, brave, humble, and joyful. And it’s a choice to follow Jesus. But if we’re looking to be beautiful this is what we need to choose.

The external beauty of the Disney Princesses mesmerized my seven-year-old heart and now, their internal beauty and how Jesus calls me “princess” mesmerizes my seventeen-year-old heart.

So Princesses, choose to be beautiful with me.


This is the last post of the 31 day series I’ve been participating in! I have genuinely enjoyed this challenge, it stretched me and really challenged me (which I think was the point so mission accomplished!)

Thank you to everyone who has read even just one day of this series, it means the world to me! I cannot wait for next year! #write31days

If you’d like to see the other posts in this series, click the photo above.


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