When You Can’t Stop Thinking


Hi, my name is Tatiana Blackburn and I am a professional over thinker.

I like to think I’m quite good at it actually. I stay up all hours of the night, replaying situations (ones that hurt and ones that make me feel warm inside) over and over again until I fall asleep due to exhaustion. I easily get caught up in the web of my own thoughts and go through every single “what-if” that could be possible.

My thoughts consume me. Most of the time it things I hate thinking about, things that make me wish those memory eraser things from Men In Black actually existed because I desperately want to forget.

I think way too much and the problem with over thinking is that when it happens, I begin to doubt God and the promises he’s made with me.

I doubt that he loves me, that he’s saved me, that he’s given me grace and I get so wrapped up in thinking about myself and my problems that I forget what Jesus has told me in the Bible.

That’s the biggest problem with over thinking – it’s selfish and it gives birth to doubt.

I think that’s how the devil tricks us, by planting seeds of doubt and not just planting the seed but by cultivating it and helping it to grow, doubt completely consumes us until we begin to see the lies as the truth.

I let lies consume me when really Jesus and his love should overwhelm me. This web of “what ifs” is spun by the devil and his elaborate scheme to trick me into thinking I’m not good enough.

I let it happen so often and it actually scares me. I start to believe the lies when really, I need to cling to the truth the Jesus has for me.

The truth that I am loved.

The truth that I have worth.

The truth that I can receive grace.

I am definitely a professional over thinker but I’m learning to “set my mind on the things above” and the beautiful truths that Jesus whispers to me rather than the dangerous ramblings of my own mind and I think you should choose to do the same.


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