Meet Tat

Here are 10 basic things you should probably know about me…

  • My name is Tatiana Blackburn (but you can call me Tat)
  • I’m 19 years old
  • love Jesus
  • I was born in Ontario, Canada
  • I currently live in Cambridge, Ontario and attend Heritage College and Seminary
  • I speak English and Spanish (but Spanish is by far my favourite)
  • I’m always down to eat cheesecake, take pictures, laugh, have a deep theological conversation and dance (even though any of my friends will tell you that I am a terrible dancer)
  • Having coffee dates is one of my favourite activities (bonus points if that date includes cheesecake)
  • My dream is to travel the world and help people
  • I love writing almost as much as I love eating cheesecake

I’d love to get to know you!

Feel free to comment, follow me on Twitter or Instagram or e-mail me.



For those of you who’d like to know my entire story, here it is.

I found out about Jesus when I was four years old. My dad had recently decided to follow Jesus and our family began attending church. I don’t remember it but I have multiple sources that tell me I prayed the “sinner’s prayer” in a Sunday school class one morning. I think that started the journey I’ve been on for my whole life.

Looking back now, it seems like my life has constantly been about Jesus pursuing me and pushing me into a deeper relationship with him.

When I was younger, this seemed awful and painful but looking back now, it’s so beautiful.

So this journey started when I was four years old. I grew up in the church, in fact I don’t ever remember a time when we weren’t apart of our church in Barrie. It was a wonderful place and I loved it there but as I grew up, I loved it for the wrong reasons.

Sunday mornings became less about learning about Jesus and more about socializing with my friends. I cared more about what I would wear to church that week than about what Jesus would teach me that morning.

It got pretty bad.

I was really comfortable and felt great but if I’ve learnt anything in these past 18 years, it’s that Jesus wants us to be so much more than just comfortable.

It was the 6th grade when everything started to consume me. I was in a relationship and I had amazing friends, I thought I didn’t need Jesus because I already had everything I needed. I fell deep into this trap and I had no desire to get out.

Three and half years later (yes, I know that is an incredibly long time but I’m stubborn, okay?) I attended a leadership training program at Circle Square Ranch, a summer camp in Brantford, Ontario. The program was two weeks long and in those short fourteen days, Jesus complete changed my heart and made me realize what I was doing wrong.

I wasn’t making him a priority.

I didn’t care about my relationship with him.

I was focussing on things that were all going to go away one day.

Coming home from that summer I was determined to change. But the second I got back, I decided I wasn’t going to and sure enough, five months later the things I was focussing on left my life.

I was devastated and had no choice but to turn to Jesus. Ever since then, he is the only thing I’ve trusted in because I know now that if he’s not the only thing I have then I’ll never have anything worth while.

That was 2013 and now it’s 2017.

In these past four years, Jesus has pushed me deeper than I ever could’ve imagined he would. He’s asked me to go places, he’s asked me to stay, he’s asked me to reconcile with people and He’s asked me to trust him with my whole life.

He asked me to move to a new country and learn a new language and culture. He’s asked me to give up my entire life to serve him and to do things that seem crazy to other people.

He’s asked me to do all this in only four years and I can’t wait to see what He’s going to ask me to do in the years to come.

I’d be honoured if you’d want to join me on this journey. It’s crazy and wild and usually unpredictable but when we decided to follow Jesus, we don’t sign up for anything less than that right?

Link to my older blog dosomething316


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