You are so beautiful, my love.

Jesus really wanted to teach me about beauty. I found that when I started seeking what beauty was in his eyes he was eager to show me.

I’ve learned that Jesus doesn’t like to see us sad. He doesn’t like to watch us suffer and drown in the sea of self-hatred. He loves us and he wants to see us thrive in life. He wants us to know and believe the truth he has for us and he wants to squash any lie that the devil throws our way.

He loves us and he cares for us.

And guess what.

He thinks we’re beautiful too.

{Psalm 45:11}

Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your Lord. (NIV)

Because the king yearns for your beauty, humble yourself before him, for he is now your Lord. (The Voice)

Jesus physically made you. You are his absolute masterpiece and the way you are is exactly the way he wanted you.

This is the first truth that Jesus taught me; he created me the way he wanted me. All the features I wanted to tweak, the hair I desperately wished would change, the body I hated, he brought that into existence and when he did, he thought it was beautiful and not only that but he created me to have a beautiful life and a beautiful heart; cause that’s what he cares about most, a beautiful heart.

The God that made the gorgeous, awe-inspiring stars also took the time to make you and me; I think that says something.

{Matthew 6:28&30}

Nor should you worry about clothes. Consider the lilies of the field and how they grow. They do not work or weave or sew, and yet their garments are stunning… And think about grassy fields – the grasses are here now, but they will be dead by winter. And yet God adorns them so radiantly.

If Jesus thinks the lilies and grasses are so beautiful, imagine what he must think about you, his living, breathing, and relational child.

Cause you are his child and wow, does he love you.

{Song of Songs 4:7}

You are so beautiful, my love, without blemish.


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